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Jenny Kovacs
Brand Identity Design Case Study




Jenny reached out to me because she felt like her logo no longer fit her or her business. For over a decade she's been helping business owners and corporations raise their visibility and become more confident when promoting their services. She wanted her logo to be bold but professional.



The Thinking


Jenny wanted to keep using her bold red brand color and I felt it should stand out more. In her wordmark, I put her first name in red and added her last name and tagline in dark gray. Since she calls herself the "queen of being seen" I added a crown design that sits perfectly on top of the "J". Within the crown design I added a heart because she spoke a lot about her work coming from a place of love.

JK_Tag Mockup_edited.png

Icon Pattern


I turned the crown and heart icons into a fun pattern that can be used on the backs of business cards, live event tags, and anywhere else she wants to carry her brand look and feel.

Logo Variations


I wanted her to have a secondary logo option to use when the wordmark isn't needed but she still wants her brand to be present. The "J" with the crown and "K" work perfectly. The crown can also be used by itself as an icon, favicon, and pattern.

Bold Colors

Jenny originally wanted to keep her red brand color with black and white secondary colors but I felt the black was too harsh for her brand. I selected a dark gray that complements her bold red color and a medium gray to be used when the logo is on a dark background.


Branded Merchandise

One of the things Jenny mentioned during our brand clarity workshop is that she always thought it would be fun to have her logo on a mug for herself and to give away as promotional gifts at her workshops. I also thought having branded notepads and magnets would be fun to have for gift bags.

Testimonial from Jenny Kovacs:

"I found it hard to believe that Kim had got my vision for what I wanted so accurately. Any time people ask me about logo design and branding I immediately point them in your direction. Working with you was so simple and pleasurable."

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