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Feel confident promoting your business with a well-defined brand identity design.

Brand Clarity Workshop

The best brand identity design starts with a conversation.


This workshop is essential for understanding the foundation of your brand. We'll explore your vision for your business, your target audience, what makes you unique, and more. You might feel you already have some or all this information but having this workshop will ensure I design a brand identity that best fits your business.

I love this part of the process because I get a chance to connect with you and hear about your dreams and ideas for your business. This workshop not only helps me understand your brand but also to get a feeling for what design will authentically connect with you and your ideal audience.


Brand Identity Design

After we discuss the ins and outs of your brand and how you see your business expanding, I take the time to explore the right look and feel for your brand. I refine my ideas until I have the best logo concept which I then apply to different mockups to see how it will work in the "real world". I will present the logo concept and mockups and together we will work on refining anything to suit your needs.

What's included:

⇨ Primary Logo Design and variations
⇨ Direction on color and typography 
⇨ Brand Styleguide 
⇨ Necessary mockups for different visual mediums

⇨ Files for print and web applications

⇨ Unrestricted ownership and usage rights


Additional add-ons: business cards, letterhead, logo animation, social media banners, and social media templates.

If you’re a brand strategist or consultant looking for a brand identity package for your client, please get in touch with me to discuss working together.


What's the difference between a logo and a brand identity?

A logo is one element in the brand identity system. I consider the different touchpoints where this logo will exist and design other variations of the logo you may need. Brand identity also includes the color palette, typography/fonts, and visual themes such as patterns and photography style.


I take the time to fully understand your brand to ensure it is visually eye-catching for digital, print, packaging, merchandise, and beyond. 

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